… In constant pursuit of quality and performance in surveillance business. Arlotto Comnet Inc. is involved and devoted to the imaging processing and networking professional products.


From 1996 Arlotto’s utmost efforts are to provide best products in class and most advanced technologies that will exceed its customers’ expectation.


Arlotto’s innovative megapixel resolution cameras, with advanced technologies and various options such as our unique models with built in hard drives, professional industrial grade cameras specially designed for harsh environments, or our newly designed super megapixel cameras and high definition professional NVRs are making our portfolio an interesting tool and showroom for our partners and customers worldwide.


In addition to bringing world-class cameras to the international market, Arlotto also distributes a broad line of professional products related to the surveillance business. These products are strictly designed to achieve highest performance level and to be the perfect complement to Arlotto network cameras.


  • Professional line of high end network cameras.
  • Professional line of high definition network video recorders.


Beyond the network cameras and professional network video recorders Arlotto centers its main effort in developing next generation of network cameras and NVRs, where the hardware is not only able to watch a scene but also able to understand it and take the right actions without the requirement of humans.


Our dedicated teams of hardware and software expertise, with more than 20 years of experience in the imaging field, plus a clear vision of actual-coming technology and leading market trends help us to focus all our efforts in right direction, and therefore able to provide a brilliant product line to our customers and partners.


  • Hardware and mechanical in-house engineering team.
  • Optical engineering team.
  • Software in-house engineering team.


As important as the technology is the effort Arlotto puts in each of our customers and partners, providing an excellent, dedicated and devoted service to our market partners is essential to Arlotto’s management, technical support and sales team.