Transport Security

Security on the Road

  • AR3520PE / AR3528PE Panoramic camera
  • ANVR24M professional mobile NVR

Arlotto proven solutions in transportation are useful in any kind of civil transportation systems, from city buses to trains and naval applications.

Dedicated solutions oriented to professional use, high resolution images and real time video for surveillance and civil transport monitoring, all Arlotto mobile surveillance solutions are e-mark and EN50155 certified.


For this Project Arlotto used the professional ANVR24M, a Linux base standalone NVR, a powerful Intel CPU powered machine and able to handle 4x
5 megapixel regular or panoramic cameras. These cameras are able to cover strategic points of the bus and travelers and all bus area in a single image helping to have a greater control in surveillance. The AR3520PE provides POE and 12-24v. DC power option, besides external microphone input, delivering an impressive audio quality up to 48Khz.

The ANVR24M besides having a professional performance it comes with an embedded OS system and NVR and CMS software, plus 4 POE ports and 2x Giga LANs to achieve unparalleled data transfer performance.

The city transport surveillance system was completed 3 cameras in each bus, the 5 megapixel resolution cameras help to have perfect identification of all passengers, their actions and have the right evidences and understanding of any risky situation.
Arlotto panoramic cameras in 5 megapixel helped to avoid blind areas in the bus and have total control of the security.


* Several transport ready models  

AR3510PE / PET


AR3210PE / PET

Why Arlotto solutions:

 ANVR24M AR3520PE  AR3528PE
 Linux mobile NVR  5 megapixel  5 megapixel 
 2 and 5 megapixel  360º Panoramic  360º Panoramic
 4 channel  IP68 housing  IP68 housing
 2x Giga LAN  IK10 vandalproof  IK10 vandalproof
 4x POE port   POE/12-24v. DC. power    POE/12-24v. DC. power
 STD-801F standard   e-mark certified  e-mark certified
 Google maps integrated  EN50155 certified  EN50155 certified
 RAID   External audio, 48Khz.  External audio, 48Khz.
 Wireless                                Local storage   Local storage

 Inc. 256 channel CMS

   Japanese lens


Project Challenge and Target

The proposed solution includes a mobile NVR and a wireless transmission system to keep safely all bus edge recorded video and at the same time send the video stream to a remote location for video monitoring. This video has access in different locations for police supervision and transport company control. Every night after bus service the edge recorded video is easily downloaded through LAN connection.




Arlotto ANVR24M is Google maps integrated and provide an extra value to the project, as it is possible to have fleet management and be able to locate every bus in real time and right location.